Wednesday 25th February

I’m thinking about writing my diary in English now

My last post was about Vrijdag February 10

Okay so few things about that

What’s it with months in capitals/ numbers before or after

(And can someone help me put enters in my WordPress again?!)


I am rewriting Rebellion

My first book

I started aged 15

Again after 19th 

My major trauma

Which is now ending 

Giving 10 years

Of experience

In life mostly

Love maybe

This morning my doc

Cut me open

Again but minor

And I told him

Ten years later

Lived through trauma

Won by experience

Anger and finally

Become a victor

Instead of eternal


Thank you Sessimbra

Porto thanking me

For my language

Recognizing me

Making me feel

A Persona

I love you

Adore life

Being so


For experience

And winning

Because of 

My intact

Intellect and


Self worth

You’re welcome

Wat vind jij?